Minutes Package

Single Sessions


Bronzing Bed

Turbo Bed

Allows the flexibility to accommodate your own schedule. Minutes do not expire.

*We suggest you wait 36-48 hours between sessions to allow your tan to fully develop. You MUST wait at least 24 hours until your next session.

We carry a wide variety to meet your individual needs, including bronzers, accelerators, maximizers, tingle, and intensifiers. To achieve the best results from your tanning session, we recommend using lotions before and after. Our expert staff can find the most suitable lotion for your tanning expectations.

*Walk-ins welcome - no appointment necessary!

We take last taning 20 min prior to closing time.


Two turbo beds at 160 watts. One bed provides three facials at 500 watts each.

Maximum tanning time is 12 minutes.

Two bronzing beds at 100 watts. Each bed provides three facials at 500 watts.

Maximum tanning time is 20 minutes.

Before & After Skin Care 

The most common cause of a patchy tan is dry skin! Applying tanning lotion prior to your session is crucial to ensuring an even and long-lasting result. Tanning removes the moisture from your skin, so applying a moisturizer immediately after your session is equally as important. Not only will this help keep your skin from peeling, but it will allow your tan to darken and last longer. 

Turbo Standup Bed

Platinum Standup Bed


One platinum standup bed at 180 watts.

Maximum tanning time is 9 minutes.


One turbo standup bed at 160 watts. 

Maximum tanning time is 12 minutes.

Spray Tan

Prepare for a Sunless Tan

Exfoliate skin targeting dry area within 24 hours prior to spray. It's important to remove dead skin cells for even coverage.

Shave within 24 hours prior to spray. Shaving acts as an exfoliant, prematurely fading sunless tanning results. 

Clean skin of any products. Lotion, spray, make up, etc. will creat a barrier on the skin.

Prime skin using a Maximizer to balance and nourish skin for even, dark color.

Wear dark, loose fitting clothing. Solution will wash out of most fabrics except nylon and silk.

tanning lotions

Tanning Services

Tanning Beds

Great for people who are new to tanning or just want to try our sun beds.


Prolong a Sunless Tan

Moisturize daily usinga Tan Extender as it moisturizer, refreshes and helps prolong color. 

Cleanse gently  using a sulfate-free Sunless body wash. 

Stay cool, hot shower and overheated spaces will dry out skin.

Relex and avoid sweat producing activities for 24 hours while DHA fully develops.

Skip the soaks, exposure to chlorinated or salt water can result in color fading.